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Book Review: A Column of Fire By Ken Follett

If you have the time, I highly recommend reading this historical novel by Ken Follett. As you know from my prior reviews, I do not gravitate toward historical novels, but they sometimes fall in my lap and I find them interesting and worthy of my precious free time. This novel, and others by Follett, are […]

President’s Message, Spring 2023

As I am concluding my first year of presidency of WLIB I feel a sense of accomplishment of one of my goals – camaraderie among members. Since COVID forced us into a virtual world, WLIB had become distant and fragmented because of the need to basically resort to virtual events instead of in-person events. Since […]

President’s Message, Winter 2023

On Friday, October 28th, Women Lawyers in Bergen hosted an event which to me was hugely important and fulfilling. It was our First Annual Rally Against Breast Cancer and it was held on the green outside the Bergen County Courthouse. It was a huge effort to effectuate, and our committee worked on it since July. […]