WLIB Officers 2020-2021:

  • Victoria Pekerman
    Victoria Pekerman President
  • Diane Lucianna
    Diane Lucianna Vice President
  • Tamra Katcher
    Tamra Katcher Treasurer
  • Nancy Lucianna
    Nancy Lucianna Secretary
  • Helayne Weiss
    Helayne Weiss Immediate Past President

WLIB Chair Committees for 2019-2020:

  • Annual Dinner and Election of Officers – Victoria R. Pekerman, Esq. and Diane Lucianna, Esq.
  • Annual Programs – Victoria R. Pekerman, Esq. and Diane Lucianna, Esq.
  • ByLaws – Helene Weiss, Esq.
  • Bar Liason – Victoria R. Pekerman, Esq.
  • CLE – Kathleen Hart, Esq.
  • Diversity Committee – Nancy Lucianna, Esq.
  • Judicial Appointments – Helene Herbert, Esq. and Janet Lurie, Esq.
  • Legislation – Tamra Katcher, Esq.
  • ERA –Jennifer Blum, Esq.
  • Membership
  • Members in Transition – Linda F. Spiegel, Esq.
  • Newsletter – Linda F. Spiegel, Esq., Victoria R. Pekerman, Esq. and Diane Lucianna, Esq.
  • Nominating – no changes
  • Publicity – Kathleen Hart, Esq.
  • Sponsorship – Diane Lucianna, Esq.
  • WLIB Website – Victoria R. Pekerman, Diane Lucianna, Toni Ann Marabello
  • WRIC – Helayne Herbert, Esq. and Helayne Weiss, Esq.
  • YLD – Toni Ann Marabello, Esq.

Phoebe Seham

Thoughts from the Founder of WLIB

Past Presidents
30th anniversary journal of past Presidents. Evelyn Marose, is a retired ALJ, Cathy McAuliffe is a past President of the BCBA, Linda Schwager is a past President of BCBA and Mayor of Oakland.